General Contracting

While we provide construction management (CM) services for the majority of the work we perform, there are occasions when a client prefers the general contracting (GC) or hard bid / lump sum delivery method of construction.  We are open to this delivery of construction for the right project and when a similar cast of general contractors have been assembled to bid on the work.


Time for due diligence, planning and design is imperative to a successful project under this method of construction. Time spent by the design team in the due diligence phase collecting information on the site and other existing conditions, programming time with the owner to understand and capture their program and building needs and the appropriate time for design will result in more accurate drawings and therefore a tighter bidding outcome.


The more detailed the design documents can be, the more accurate your bids will be and a better chance for less change orders.


The general contracting (GC) delivery method allows Downes Construction to self-perform some of the carpentry related tasks of the project ourself which we feel brings tremendous value to our projects and our clients. This translates to quicker delivery, better quality control, safety and an excellent finished product.